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All of placing and moving of objects are snapped to the grid or the cross marks of the objects .

Grid-Set Pitch

For example, When both the horizontal and the vertical pitch are set to 0.635mm, and the "Display every" is set to 4, the grid lines are displayed every 2.54mm.

Grid-Set Origin  and  Reset Origin

By default, the origin of grid equals to origin of the work area.
With this command, you can place the origin of grid to the appropriate position.
 For example, If you want to place 4 PTHs with step of 3.96mm from the dimension of (20mm,10mm).
(1)Execute [Set]-[Grid]-[Set Pitch] and set Pitch = 5mm, and Display every = 2.
  The grid line are displayed every 10mm.
(2)Select [Set]-[Grid]-[Set Origin] and click at (20mm, 10mm)
  The yellow grid-origin mark appears at (20mm, 10mm).
(3)Execute [Set]-[Grid]-[Set Pitch] and set Pitch = 3.96mm, and Display every = 1.
(4)Place PTHs
  [Set]-[Grid]-[Reset Origin] command resets the position of the grid-origin to (0mm, 0mm).


layer:xxx Color of layer:
OriginMark Color of the origin mark of work area.
GridOrigin Color of the origin mark of grid
Grid Color of grid
SnapMark Color of the cross marks
ActivePointMark Color of the selected cross marks
PinNum Pin Numbers of PTHs and Pads.
Cursor Color of beam cursor.
BackGround Background color of work area.
BackGroundOutside Backgrownd color out of work area
InputError In dialog boxes, if input value is not valid, the color of the input box becomes this color.

Board Font

Minimal Board Editor draws characters using Board Font except DOC layer. It is a kind of stroke font.
By default, Minimal Board Editor uses font embedded in the executable file.

You can modify this font with Minimal Board Editor. Refer to following "Convert Font".

Convert Font

This command is enabled when the current document name is "fontdesign.mb3"

How to modify font
There is a "fontdesign.mb3" in the source files folder.
(1)Open this file with Minimal Board Editor
(2)Set the pitch of grid to 0.5mm
(3)Edit font. Each character must not touch the frame. Do not move frame line.

(4) [Set]-[Convert font] generates a font data.
(5) Select this data with [Set]-[Convert font] command.


Set component library files.

Component library file can be created with Minimal Board Editor
Please make the library files by yourself basically. (sample file)
The library file is a normal .MB3 file which contains components. (Create component)
When you place a component with the Component tool, the Select Component dialog box displays the name of component.
So I recommend you to set the "Name" property of components.

Toolmark file

When you print DRL layer, you can select Drill tool marks instead of simple circles.
The tool marks are defined in Toolmark file. By default, Minimal Board Editor uses toolmark.mb3 located in the same folder.
If you want to select other file, execute this command.

The toolmark file can be modified with Minimal Board Editor.
Each mark is defined as a component.

The left is the example, the property of the toolmark for 1.5mm dia drill.
The most important property is the "Name".
Minimal Board Editor picks up the mark information by "Name" property.

Naming rule
It needs one or more digit below the decimal point.
The second (or lower) decimal place is written only when it is not zero.

For example

 dia.   Name 
1.1 D1.1
2.05 D2.05
3.0 D3.0

Text-format clipboard

Minimal Board Editor uses clipboard with an original format by default.
When you check this menu, the format of clipboard is changed to the plain text format.
In the text format mode, you can modify the information copied from MBE with a text editor.