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File menu of Minimal Board Editor

New Create a new document window You can get back operations by using Undo until file io.
Open Open a document
Save Save the document
Save as Save the document with a new file name
Setup Page Setup printing page Detail
Print preview Print preview  
Print Print  
Export Image Export a BMP/PNG. Detail
Export CAM data Export Gerber/Excellon data, Component position data Refer to the following table "Sub menu of Export CAM data"
Export Netlist Export the Telesis format netlist Detail
DRC Design Rule Chack Detail
Exit Exit from this program  
Sub menu of Export CAM data
Gerver Detail
Component Position list Detail

Setup page

Setup printing page

Export Image

Export image file

Export Gerber

Generates data for oredering PCB.

Component Position List

Export position information of components for a mounter.

The view of the exported list opened with Excel.

Ref Reference number
X(mm), Y(mm) Posiotion of the componet's origin. Please note the origin point when you make component.
Rotation(CCW) Rotation of component. The angle is expressed CounterClockWise.
"#####" means the current angle property of component is not defined.
Just behind componenting, the Current angle is "Undefined". Set it after Unlocking.
Side Component(top) or Solder(bottom)
Name Name property of Compnent

Export Netlist