Using PL3W (Parts list utility for BSch3V)

PL3W generates the parts list as CSV format, from BSch3V's schematic file.


  1. Start up PL3W
  2. Select the input schematic file(s).
    There are 2 ways to select input file(s). The output file name is automaticaly created.

  3. Modify the output file name and options, if you need.
  4. Click the "Execute" button.

Output format

The following is the part of a partslist.

,"D",1,"1SS131","Rohm","1SS131","DO_34","General purpose"
,"D",2,"1SS131","Rohm","1SS131","DO_34","General purpose"
,"IC",1,"OPA2335","TI","OPA2335AIDR","SOIC8","Zero Drift"
*,"IC",1,"OPA2335","TI","OPA2335AIDR","SOIC8","Zero Drift"
*,"IC",1,"OPA2335","TI","OPA2335AIDR","SOIC8","Zero Drift"
,"IC",3,"LM35","NS","LM35DZ","TO-92","Temp sensor IC"
,"IC",5,"7805","Toshiba","TA7805F","MiniPower SMT","Regulator"
,"R",1,"820","","","","820 1%"
,"R",2,"820","","","","820 1%"

  D 1 1SS131 Rohm 1SS131 DO_34 General purpose
  D 2 1SS131 Rohm 1SS131 OD_34 General purpose
  IC 1 OPA2335 TI OPA2335AIDR SOIC8 Zero Drift
* IC 1 OPA2335 TI OPA2335AIDR SOIC8 Zero Drift
* IC 1 OPA2335 TI OPA2335AIDR SOIC8 Zero Drift
  IC 3 LM35 NS LM35DZ TO-92 Temp sensor IC
  IC 4 PIC12F675 Microship PIC12F675I/P DIP8  
  IC 5 7805 Toshiba TA7805F MiniPower SMT Regulator
  PC 1 TLP521 Toshiba TLP521-1 DIP4 OptIsolator
  R 1 820       820 1%
  R 2 820       820 1%
Column A
*: There is a component which has the same reference number and the same value.
?: There is a component which has the same reference number and different reference number.
Column B
Prefix of reference number.
Column C
Suffix of reference number.
Column D
Column E
Column F
Manufacturer partnumber
Column G
Column H
Note of the component.

Avoid ZERO-SUPPRESSING on Microsoft Excel

When Excel reads a CSV file, Excel reads cell informations as numerical value, if the cell can be recognized as numerical value,
even if the cell is put in double-quotes.

For example, if you wrote "0805" as a package name of capacitor on BSch3V and if you generated a partslist with PL3W,
the package name is listed in the CSV file as following.


It is displayed on Excel as "805".

If you use [Avoid ZERO-SUPPRESSING on Microsoft Excel] option,
PL3W outputs text-strings as formula-cells to avoid this problem.

  Written on BSch3V Outout of PL3W Excel displays
checked 0805 ="0805" 0805
unchecked "0805" 805
checked 012,45 "012,45" 012,45
unchecked "012,45" 012,45
checked 012,456 "012,456" 12,456
unchecked "012,456" 12,456

I don't know the solution to avoid the zero-suppressing when comma is placed at the position of thousands separator.
LibleOffice(perhaps OOo too) does not need this option, it recognizes cells which were put in double-quotes as text-strings.

Description in CSV file and displaying of Excel and LibreOffice-calc.

Command line format

If you execute this program from the command prompt, you can use following options
pl3w filename1 [filename2...] [-o outfile] [-MN] [-N] [-P] [-Z] [-mn] [-n] [-p] [-z] [-F]
filename1 filename2... source schematic file(s)
-o outfile destination file. It needs space between "-o" and outfile.
-M Output maufacturer.
-m Do not output maufacturer.
-MN or -Mn Output maufacturer partnumber.
-mn or -mN Do not output maufacturer partnumber.
-P Output package.
-p Do not output package
-N Output note.
-n Do not output node.
-Z Enable "Avoid ZERO-SUPPRESSING on Microsoft Excel" option
-z Disable "Avoid ZERO-SUPPRESSING on Microsoft Excel" option
-F Immediately execute. Do not display PL3W window.