Using NUT3W (Reference number utility for BSch3V)

NUT3W sets up the reference number of component.


  1. Start up NUT3W
  2. Select the input schematic file(s).
    There are 2 ways to select input file(s).

  3. Set options
  4. Click the "Execute" button.


  1. NUT3W processes the components which have valid prefix of reference number.
    For example, "C", "R", "Q", "D", "C15", "R1" have valid prefix.
  2. If the Name-in-library of components are more than 4 characters and started with "VCC", "VEE", "VDD", "VSS"or "GND" , NUT3W regards them as power symbols.
    For example "VCC14P" in LOGIC74 library is the power symbol.
    If non power symbol and power symbol have the same value and the same prefix, NUT3W sets the same suffix to them.