Using NL3W (Netlist utility for BSch3V)

NL3W generates the netlist, from BSch3V's schematic file.


  1. Start up NL3W
  2. Select the input schematic file(s).
    There are 2 ways to select input file(s). The output file name is automaticaly created.

  3. Click the "Execute" button.


  1. Ignored object
    NL3W ignores comment, dash-line, bus-line, bus-entry, and wire-entry.
    If you draw the schematic like the following figure, NL3W doesn't work as intended.
    In this case, the signal D0 is connected to U1.18, U2.2, U3.18, and U4.2 by NL3W.

    To avoid the such trouble, you should draw , as shown in the following figure.

  2. Name of Signal line
    Signal lines can be named.
    The signal lines which have the same name are connected by NL3W.
  3. Optimizing overlapped wires
    If overlapped wires are vertical or horizontal, they are regarded as a single wire by NL3W.

    Current version of BSch3V optimizes overlapped horizontal and vertical wire automatically.

    But slanted wires are not optimized. So if their end are not located at the same position, They are regarded as unconnected lines.

    And overlapping of wire and pin is not optimized.

    Wire2 is not connected to U1.2 in the netlist.