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Window of Minimal Board Editor

Toolbar Select the drafting tool such as "Selector","Line",etc.
Please refer to "Tool menu of Minimal Board Editor" for more information.
Layer name Please refer "Layer of Minimal Board Editor".
Layer color To change the color of the layer, click it.
Display layer A "Eye mark" is toggled, when you click it.
When the "Ete mark" is displayed,
  • the layer is displayed in the work area.
  • objects placed in the layer is selectable by Seletor tool.
Place layer Objects are placed on a layer indicated with a Pen mark.
Placeable layer is depend on the selecting tool. 
For example, in the figuer above, the line tool is selected.
  • lines can not be placed on to "PTH" or "DRL".
  • lines are placed on to "CMP".
Work area Draft on black area.
Origin mark Minimal Board Editor has two kinds of origin marks.
One is displayed in the figure above. It points the origin of absolute coordinate. As a rule, please draw here to upper right.
The other is points the origin of grid. (It is not displayed here now)
Usualy, the grid origin is tied with the absolute origin.