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Defining a shortcut-key

Version 0.51.07 or lator

You can define a shortcut-key of part of menu commands.

To define the shortcut-key, you have to edit the user.config with a Text editor.

User definable menu-commands
menu-command defined shortcut
/ definable
File-New Ctrl+N  
File-Open Ctrl+O  
File-Save Ctrl+S  
File-Save as    
File-Setup Page    
File-Print preview    
File-Export Image    
File-Export CAM data    
File-Export Netlist    
Edit-Undo Ctrl+Z  
Edit-Redo Ctrl+Y  
Edit-Cut Ctrl+X  
Edit-Copy Ctrl+C  
Edit-Paste Ctrl+V  
Edit-Delete Delete  
Edit-Find Ctrl+F  
Edit-Flip definable SCKeyEditFlip
Edit-Rotate Ctrl+R  
Edit-Move Ctrl+M  
Edit-Componenting definable SCKeyEditComponenting
Edit-Uncomponenting definable SCKeyEditUncomponenting
Edit-property definable SCKeyEditProperty
Edit-Bulk property    
Edit-Update fillpolygon definable SCKeyUpdateFillPolygon
View-Zoom in PageUp  
View-Zoom out PageDown  
View-DRC mark    
View-Polygon frame mode definable SCKeyViewPolygonFrameMode
Tool-Selector definable SCKeyToolSelector
Tool-Connection check definable SCKeyToolConnectionCheck
Tool-Measure definable SCKeyToolMeasure
Tool-Hole definable SCKeyToolHole
Tool-PTH definable SCKeyToolPTH
Tool-Pad/Flash definable SCKeyToolPad
Tool-Line definable SCKeyToolLine
Tool-Arc definable SCKeyToolArc
Tool-Text definable SCKeyToolText
Tool-Polygon definable SCKeyToolPolygon
Tool-Component definable SCKeyToolComponent
Set-Grid-Set grid Pitch Ctrl+G  
Set-Grid-Set origin definable SCKeySetGridOrigin
Set-Grid-Reset origin definable SCKeyResetGridOrigin
Set-Board font    
Set-Convert font    
Set-Tool mark file    
Set-Text format clipboard    

Ex.) Defining the shortcut-key of "Set-Grid-Set origin"

The keyword for "Set-Grid-Set origin" is SCKeySetGridOrigin.

Open "user.config" with a text editor, after exiting Minimal Board Editor.
You can find lines as following.
<setting name="SCKeySetGridOrigin" serializeAs="String">
Define shortcut-key between <value> and </value> as following format.
Description example
<value>C+A</value> Ctrl+A
<value>CS+A</value> Ctrl+Shift+A
<value>+F5</value> F5
<value>C+F5</value> Ctrl+F5

About the place of user.config: Where is a setting information of Minimal Board Editor?